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Value Consulting

Who We Are

At Value Consulting, we act as the crossroads between empowering quantum improvements in the clients we serve and facilitating collaboration with the VALUED Empyrean network. We do this by bringing together industry experts, proven processes, and key relationships. Each of these value-adds, along with the VALUE Way philosophy, have enabled the creation of millions of dollars of value for customers and clients.

Our specialty is working with small business consortiums, franchised businesses, and co-ops to enable enterprise-level results while maintaining an understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit of each business owner. Our projects have included everything from detailed project management across business operations to strategic planning, evaluation, and corporate structuring. Our work has extended over hundreds of companies in a variety of industries.

Our Clients

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Oil & Gas
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Information Technology
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Real Estate
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Our Work

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Transformational Leadership

Before anyone can begin to make changes in their organization, they need to enable their ability to embrace change and enable improvement. Value Consulting begins by helping you identify the untapped opportunities within your organization and within yourself

  • Enabling quantum leaps through The VALUE Way
  • Mission and Vision Statement Development
  • Empathy Workshops
  • Outlining Belief Windows and Personal Biases
  • Personal Coaching

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Organizational Strategy

We believe in the capability of every organization, whether it’s an enterprise, small business, consortium, or nonprofit. Each organization is made up of components that must be fully understood to develop the path to improvement.

  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Financing (PEVC, Debt Financing)
  • Personnel Recruiting
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Corporate Spin-Offs
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

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Financial Strategy

With 30+ years as finance professionals, we recognize the importance of operational data. We’ve designed financial and accounting systems for everything from large public companies to startups and small businesses.

  • Financial Analysis
  • Budget Implementation
  • Corporate Financial Planning
  • Accounting System Restructuring
  • Treasury Functionality
  • Partnership Tax Planning